Esautomotion in China: the future in action

These have been busy months for the Esautomotion branch in Shanghai.
The Chinese economy is recovering strongly after the lockdown at the beginning of the year: competence, enthusiasm and determination are the weapons with which Paolo Borelli, director, and his team are facing the challenges of this market with incredible potential.


CIIF 2020 in Shanghai: a very positive outcome

The results of our participation in CIIF 2020 are well above forecasts” – Paolo Borelli declares –

Needless to say, we expected a lower turnout than in previous years due to the COVID-19 emergency. It did not go like this: the quality of the visitors was absolutely high profile, as in the past: all the major manufacturers and operators were present with their own stand or in any case they visited the fair. It should be remembered that 95% of the turnover of machinery manufacturing in China is concentrated in a small number of large companies. Small producers therefore play a marginal role “.

We found the desire to quickly leave the period of the pandemic behind us: the Chinese locomotive has resumed running as before, strongly supported by state orders.”

During the three days of the fair, our stand was constantly crowded: a fundamental opportunity not only to strengthen existing business relationships but also to expand contacts and receive requests for quotes. Much interest was met by the new VIS-800 CNC, presented in world premiere. In particular, the renewed HMI in 3D and the range of GlassOnly Full-Touch screens were appreciated

Prestigious customers enter the Esautomotion China portfolio

Some important negotiations with large local companies are at an advanced stage. First of all, I would mention CRRC Corporation Limited (known as CRRC), the largest producer of rolling stock in the world, well above Alstom and Siemens” – Borelli announces – It is a mega state-owned group consisting of 170 companies, with over 180,000 employees. Already our customers for the S600 CNC in the press sector, they were impressed by the performance of the S660W LASER system completed by our 5AX head: they asked us to get exclusivity for the latter in China! They intend to mount it on all their bevel laser cutting machines, and we’re talking about tens of units per year!” (Borelli smiles).

Another order acquired is with Golden Arrow Water Jet Equipment Manufacturing Co. of Shanghai. They are Tesla suppliers and have decided to purchase from Esautomotion the entire kinematic chain (CNC VIS-660, software, motors and drives) for the waterjet machines that will be installed in a recently built plant for the production of Tesla parts.”

Finally, I want to point out the agreement reached with Yawei Wuxi, who chose our VIS-640 CNC to equip their waterjet machines in the Chinese BMW plant“.

The level of these companies testifies to the trust and credibility that Esautomotion has gained in China: working well in the end always pays off“.

ESA LAB: new spaces to grow and improve further

We have finally taken possession of the new facility in Shanghai where we are moving warehouse, R&D and technical assistance. Production and sales offices will soon be added to these. The logic is to optimize inter-functional efficiency and internal dialogue synergies: everyone will be within reach of their colleagues’ desk. This will allow us an ever greater reactivity towards customers, further raising the bar in terms of quality and flexibility of the service: our goal is to be judged the “best European supplier” in the sector, combining the image and reputation of the European multinational. at the speed and competitiveness typical of a Chinese company. It is an argument that is proving to be successful and that has allowed us to bring home a giant like CRRC“.

The comment by Andrea Senzolo, World Sales Manager of Esautomotion

It is not surprising that China is at the top of our priorities” – Andrea Senzolo says – “Just think of the size of the market: benefiting from the enormous internal demand driven by industrialization processes and investments, the country has become the main producer to the world of machinery. According to official UCIMU data, in 2018 the value of the total turnover generated by the industry was approximately RMB 10,000 billion (about 1,300 billion euros)”.

These numbers explain our effort and strong investments in that country. The new ESA LAB is another brick to optimize our internal efficiency. I want to underline how Esautomotion is a unique reality in the Chinese panorama, which could be summarized in: “Designed in Italy, Manufactured in China”. We provide a know-how gained over 60 years of constant technological research to which we combine timeliness and perfect understanding of the particular needs of local customers thanks to our highly qualified Chinese collaborators and professionals. Added to this is the excellent quality / price ratio that we can offer exclusively, being the only major European CNC brand to produce in China. The evident synergy of these advantages is winning over local customers, who until the day before yesterday considered German products to be the non-plus-ultra.