Fully customizable power and intelligence.
“The engine” for your know-how.

Esautomotion CNCs are originally conceived for general purpose use, providing an extremely powerful platform on which each customer can build his own infrastructure for the control of his machinery or equipments.


Our General Purpose software is designed to allow the highest possibile level of customization through the addition of all types of software functionality, both at PLC and graphic level.


The software tools available with Esautomotion’s VIS-600 and 800 CNCs allow single customers to finalize their own projects in complete autonomy, effectively adapting and implementing all the application know-how available in their companies.

Industry 4.0 Expansion:
Esautomotion modular solution
for the interconnected factory

4 additional application packs are available:

  • Data Logger
  • Production Manager
  • Production Tracer
  • Office Production Manager

to make the machines “Industry 4.0 ready” and  connectable to the internal wifi network,
according to various production realities: from companies
approaching the 4.0 world for the first time up to those already structured

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