Laser & plasma 5AH

Cutting Heads

Precision raised to the e for efficiency power

The bi-rotary Esautomotion 5AH head
was born from the long collaboration of Esautomotion
with the largest international manufacturers
of sheet metal laser and plasma cutting machines.

Designed to meet the strictest
precision requirements for higher productivity
and the reduction of production costs,
the 5AH bi-rotary head guarantees
outstanding advantages in use.

Main features:

  • High precision and infinite repeatability thanks to the adoption of high precision bearings and the complete digital motor Dmotion by Esautomotion combined with two gearboxes with backlash <1.5 Arcmin
  • Motors mounted directly on the axis without the use of transmission with belts / pulleys
  • ¬†Limited weight (about 12.5 kg) to allow obtaining high dynamics of the cutting machine
  • Small size to avoid blind spots
  • Simple installation (perforation plate compatible with the main brands of laser cutting heads / plasma torches)
  • RTCP management thanks to sophisticated Esautomotion CNC algorithms, which allow the tilting of the head on the cutting point, limiting the movement of the machine axes and increasing the cutting efficiency

To exploit all the performances of
the Cutting heads, use them in combination
with the other ESAUTOMOTION components.
Born to work together

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