The right energy
for the perfect movement
of the axes

Developed to work in total digital integration
with Esautomotion CNCs and motors,
EBS drives use standard fieldbuses
such as CAN open and EtherCAT.

The range includes five main sizes:
EBS3, EBS6, EBS12, EBS30,
with direct mains power supply (Three phase 220V-400V AC).

Main features

  • Internal braking resistor (except for the EBS30 and EBS42 models)
  • Possibility of mounting an external braking resistor
  • 24Vdc service power supply (-15+ 20%)
  • Management of TTL transducers + HALL, SinCos, Hiperface sensors
  • Vectorial adjustment made through a latest generation DSP
  • Automatic management of the electromechanical brake, with brake failure protection and brake circuit overcurrent protection
  • Implementation of the following protections:
    • Converter overcurrent
    • I2t IGBT and motor with pre-alarm and alarm threshold.
    • Braking circuit anomalies
    • Abnormal electromechanical brake circuit
    • Breakage / disconnection of encoders
    • Motor overspeed
    • SIL safety certification
    • STO safety certification

To exploit all the performances of
the EBS Drives, use them in combination
with the other ESAUTOMOTION components.
Born to work together

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