Built-in power to touch.

The complete line of CNCs with touch screen and embedded software to manage machines from the simplest to the custom ones, up to the incredible limit of 128 axes.

The VIS-600 CNCs have been designed to meet the growing demand for High-Performance CNCs that are simple and intuitive to use, with a high level of functionality and a user-friendly and modern graphic environment.


The small large CNC with 7 ”color touch screen. Up to 3 axes.


The most powerful CNC in its class. 10 ”color touch screen. Up to 4 axes.


Maximum performance and maximum compactness in the splendor of a 15 ”LCD HD Touch screen. Up to 6 axes.


The performance of an advanced CNC, the advanced functionality of an embedded PC with a large 15 ”HD LCD Touch screen. Up to 6 axes.


The “best in class” in the compact CNC category. 15 “HD Touch LCD screen. Up to 12 aces.


Power and usability at the highest levels: built-in Windows PC and 15 ”LCD HD Touch screen. Up to 12 axes.


The real high-end CNC: superpower with integrated Windows PC and 19 ”HD Multitouch LCD super screen. Up to 64 axes.


The top of the range: excellent power thanks to the Windows PC integrated with Intel CPU and an extraordinary 21 ”LCD Full HD Multitouch screen. Up to 128 axes.

When power meets intelligence the results are always extraordinary.

Turn key package including motors and Drive.

Everything you need to automate your industrial machinery. Esautomotion design and components 100% made in Italy.

Application software included for many applications

Only Esautomotion offers, always included in the hardware, the application software for the management of all machines in the sheet metal, wood, marble and many others applications.

All manageable technologies

The VIS-600 series was born according to the “general purpose” design philosophy, being able to manage any type of CNC application.

Remote Tele-assistance on the entire range of products

This allows greater connectivity of Esautomotion to its customer and of the latter to its user. All from a Fast Service and Industry 4.0 perspective.

Offline programming

The entire software development platform is also available in an offline version. This allows you to develop your projects remotely, simulate them off line and then take them to the machine via USB or LAN.

PLC and HMI programmable and modifiable by the manufacturer

Starting from the standard software developed by Esautomotion it is possible to modify, add or remove any type of functionality or HMI page. This allows our customer to fully customize their machinery by increasing its performance and designing it to their needs.

Management of loading and unloading robots

The whole VIS-600 range can be connected and manage any type of external interlocking system (eg: Cartesian robot, anthropomorphic robot, etc.), guaranteeing maximum design flexibility

Safety First integration of safety PLCs

VIS-600 CNCs are able to integrate perfectly with the major brands of safety PLCs, ensuring safe use of all types of industrial machinery.

To exploit all the performances of
the VIS-600 CNCs, use them in combination
with the other ESAUTOMOTION components.
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