Working wood is our history.
It’s not surprising that perfection
is simple normality for us

Since the beginning of our activity, at Esautomotion we have specialized in the design of CNC for the woodworking sector. The outstanding know-how and expertise developed over the years are literally unmatched in the market.

The powerful turn key software of VIS-600 and 800 CNCs coming from this extraordinary wealth of knowledge allows precise and error-free control of all types of wood cutting machines, such as:

  • Fixed bridge machining centers
  • Moving bridge machining centers
  • Mobile bridge machining centers
  • Contouring
  • Edge banding
  • Saws
  • Drilling

Features and functionalities:

  • Management of 3, 4 and 5 axis machines
  • Measurement and management of tool wear
  • Management of machines with gantry technology
  • Interfacing with robots or automatic loading and unloading systems
  • Post processors available to the main Cad Cam applications in the sector
  • 3 and 5 axis cutting on columns / profiles
  • Adoption of Spline technology for faster and more precise processing
  • Anti-collision software check during movement in space

Industry 4.0 Expansion:
Esautomotion modular solution
for the interconnected factory

4 additional application packs are available:

  • Data Logger
  • Production Manager
  • Production Tracer
  • Office Production Manager

to make the machines “Industry 4.0 ready” and  connectable to the internal wifi network,
according to various production realities: from companies
approaching the 4.0 world for the first time up to those already structured

Discover the full range of CNCs
and other Esautomotion products
to manage your machines with maximum efficiency

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