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Intelligent power.
The new dimension of CNC.

Esautomotion is an Italian company leader at international level in the development, production and sale of new generation integrated CNC systems.

Over fifty years’ know-how, constant innovation and the pursuit of perfection make Esautomotion CNCs the most reliable solution for the automation of machine tools of all sizes.

The most powerful in the market

Thanks to the unique design architecture, our CNCs offer unparalleled performances in terms of precision and control in every situation. With the top-of-the-range models it is possible to control almost an unlimited number of axes, allowing workings previously considered unfeasable.

The most intelligent in the market

All our CNCs are supplied “turn keys”: the software, developed ad-hoc by Esautomotion according to each customer’s specific needs, is always bundled and ready-to-start, with significant savings both in economical and time terms.

The same CNC for all applications. An Esautomotion exclusivity.

Each hardware in our CNC range can control machines and systems in all areas of application, facilitating both favouring the learning of how programming of the various functions and facilitating the inventory management for each OEM.

Our turn key software:
absolute control and precision in every application


For 25 years the most advanced CNC software
to optimize all bending sequences


The powerful and reliable CNC software
for all cutting technologies


The industry’s reference software,
adopted by all the major manufacturers of machines and systems


Precise and error-free control for all wood cutting machines

General Purpose

The highest level of CNC customization, both for PLC and graphics

Integrated power. Esautomotion offers a full range of technologically advanced and perfectly integrated products to build the most performing and efficient CNC system


Esautomotion at CIIF 2020 in Shangai: a leading presence with the preview of the new VIS-800 Series
Esautomotion will be present with its own stand at the 2020 edition of the CIIF (China International Industry Fair), which will be held at the National Exhibition and Convention Center in Shanghai from 15 to 19 September.


We have created the CNC of the future.
1 rack only for all models, 100% digital, 100% Wifi connectable, 100% Full Touch GlassOnly screens.

Brushless Motors

Strength and robustness for the most precise movement of your axes


The proper energy to power and control all the motors of a machine

Expansion Boards

Full modularity and customization to create
the perfect CNC system for your needs

Cutting Heads

Discover a superior level of accuracy and productivity for your plasma or laser cutting


Esautomotion is always with you,
24 hours a day,
7 days a week.

Our team of qualified technicians is ready to assist you in every phase of the installation and use of our CNC, always with the right and timely answers.


Esautomotion in China: the future in action
These have been busy months for the Esautomotion branch in Shanghai.

The Chinese economy is recovering strongly after the lockdown at the beginning of the year: competence, enthusiasm and determination are the weapons with which Paolo Borelli, director, and his team are facing the challenges of this market with incredible potential.