We have created the CNC of the future.

1 rack only for all models,
100% digital, 100% Wifi connectable,
GlassOnly 100% Full Touch screens.

With VIS – 800 Esautomotion redefines CNC standards,
offering a series of innovations and features that incredibly improve
efficiency and productivity during installation on machines and systems.
The speed and graphics performance
also guarantee an optimal user experience for end users.

The extraordinary nature of VIS-800 CNC machines
can be understood from the technical characteristics:

Intelligent modularity

1 rack only for all models. This allows a significant reduction in warehouse stocks and an exceptional simplification of the connections to the axes and control units to all the other devices installed on the machines.

100% Digital

the VIS – S800 series was born with a full digital concept thanks to the Ethercat communication protocol.

100% Wifi Connectable

The VIS – 800 CNCs are designed for the Industry 4.0 logics: they can all be connected to the internet, allowing an absolute level of integration with the other systems and management software installed inside the company.

New GlassOnly screens, 100% Full Touch

Developed on Esautomotion specifications,its are all equipped with a chipset to support high-level graphics performance

Advanced HMI graphic tools

Possibility to develop complex and 3D interfaces, simplifying user interaction

Turn-key power

All VIS – 800 CNCs are software-bundled and immediately operational, with significant savings in terms of time and costs.

Maximum versatility

VIS – 800 CNCs are adaptable to all possible applications: sheet metal cutting and bending, marble, wood cutting, general purposes

Remote tele-assistance for all models

Fast Service Esautomotion and Industry 4.0 fully combined thanks to the permanent connection with the customer and the end user.

Total integration

with all motors, drives and Esautomotion expansion boards available.


Up to 3 axes. Compact and performing: 7 ”Touch HQ screen, excellent value for money.


Up to 4 axes. Compact power to be the top of the category. GlassOnly 10 ”Touch HQ color screen.


Up to 6 axes. Compact in size but large in performance. 15 ”LCD HD Touch GlassOnly super screen.


Up to 6 axes. The extra power of the built-in PC, the functionality of the 15.6 ”HD GlassOnly LCD Touch screen. Excellent are born.


Up to 12 axes. Super-connected power to be the best compact CNC. 15.6 ”GlassOnly HD Touch LCD screen.


Up to 12 axes. Built-in Windows PC, Intel CPU and 15.6 ”LCD HD Touch GlassOnly screen. Pure power.


The absolute excellence made CNC: powerful Windows PC integrated with Intel CPU and 18.5 “16: 9 mega-screen LCD HD Multitouch GlassOnly.


Up to 128 axes. Better is impossible. Mega power with Windows PC integrated with Intel I5 CPU, 21.5 ”16: 9 LCD Full HD Multitouch GlassOnly maxi screen.

Come and discover the new VIS-800 series in preview at our stand in

CIIF China International Industry Fair Shanghai – 15/19 September 2020

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VIS-800 CNC series

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