We have clear values and ambitious goals

Our Vision

We want to become one of the leading companies in the production and sales of advanced CNC systems on a global scale.

We will grow proudly affirming our Made in Italy origin and proposing cutting-edge technological solutions representing the intelligent part of machines and industrial automation systems. We want to create value for both customers and shareholders, choosing to operate worldwide in complementary, synergistic and profitable macro-niches.

Our Mission

We will have a worldwide presence with a wide range of advanced products, devices and software perfectly integrating with the mechanical parts of the machines, in order to automate them according to the highest standards of efficiency and productivity, fully responding to Industry 4.0 logics.

We will differentiate ourselves from our competitors by always providing “turn key” solutions to guarantee a more effective service even to less experienced OEM, typically present in the emerging markets.

We aim to increase the share of high added-value services to better meet our customers’ needs and improve our margins.

How we can help you?