Esautomotion srl - S 510

S 510

Combines powerful graphics with the solid structure of embedded products, making Plasma and Oxyacetylene cutting machines both tough and versatile. It speeds up the pro gramming and operating times of the cutting process. The Retrace and Repos functions have been specially researched to suit the requirements of these machines. They allow particularly complex nesting layouts to be carried out, dealing with all the exceptions and optimizing the production times to the utmost.


  • Bridge with gantry axis
  • 2 autonomous Plasma torch (second is optional)
  • Up to 8 oxyacut torches with both automatic or manual handling
  • Automatic oxycut torch packing cycle (optional)
  • Gas proporzional valves handling for Oxycut
  • Pipe cutting
  • Up to 16 exhaust fan
  • Mobile exhaust fan, in electrical gearing with the gantry
  • Pneumatic drilling head
  • Pneumatic marker
  • Arc writer


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