Esautomotion srl - S 650 W

S 650 W

Versatile Pc, gorgeous 15” 4:3 high-resolution touch screen

No limit in both performances and flexibility.

The powerful built-in Pc allows having on the machine a real 3D cad cam (metallix, radan, esa)

Finger-tip work piece design.

Direct import of tools shapes (.dxf files) and management of tool library.

Tool and die holders’ management.

Angle measurement and correction with all existing devices is available.



  • Conventional press-brakes (Mechanical and Hydraulic), synchro Hydraulic press-brakes, servo controlled hydraulic single cylinder press-brakes, electrically driven press-brakes, tandem press-brakes
  • Hydro-mechanical press-brakes American style
  • Hämmerle press-brakes



  • 15” 4:3 high-resolution touch screen (resolution XGA 1024x768)
  • CPU PC: AMD Embedded GX 420 CA 2GHz, with 4Gb of RAM
  • CPU CNC: Amd LX-LX800 500MHz, with 128Mb of RAM
  • FPGA integrated logics, surface mounting, fiber optic
  • 24Vdc 100W max power supply
  • Ergonomic  aluminium  housing,  with  a  panel  suitable  for  machine operational   selector-switches and push-buttons(OPTION)
  • 2.5” Hard disk drive 20GB or more
  • Preset for standard pc keyboard and mouse (ps2 standard connectors)