Esautomotion srl - S 650

S 650

The top performances in the compact class. 15” touch screen

Designed to control machines up to eight axes . The wide screen allows excellent comfort for the operator enhancing the advantages of a full graphic interface.

Includes Automatic bending sequence calculations to reduce the wastage of material.

Material Data Base for predictive compensation is available as an option.

Crowning correction in degrees.

Dynamic crowning is available to grant the perfect bend linearity.

Direct connection of Mitutoyo protractor and Anglecheck device to allow in process angle measurement.



  • Conventional  press-brakes  (Mechanical  and  Hydraulic),  synchro  Hydraulic  press- brakes,  servo  controlled  hydraulic  single  cylinder  press-brakes,  electrically  driven press-brakes, tandem pressbrakes
  • Hydro-mechanical press-brakes American style software specifications
  • Interactive 2d graphic editor for work-pieces and tools data entry
  • 2D graphic display of machine frame, work-piece and tools
  • 2D automatic identification of the best bending sequence
  • Programming of the axes positions in tabular mode with automatic syntactical checks, automatic calculation of the r, and z and A positions and of the bending and crowning tonnage
  • Windows® like user interface
  • Complete off-line programming on a standard pc
  • IEC 61131-3 plc programming language with function utilities either written in “IL” or “C” language, are available for manufacturers
  • Customizable alarm messages



  • 15” touch screen panel (resolution WSVGA 1366x768)
  • Cpu Via Nano X2/p E 1,2 Ghz with 2Gb of RAM
  • Silicon hard disk (flash disk) for more than 30.000 part programs
  • 24Vdc 100W max power supply
  • 15” TFT XGA colour display with antiglare screen
  • Ergonomic aluminium housing, with a panel suitable for machine operational selectron-switches and push-buttons 
  • Dedicated scratchproof, oil-proof IP65 keyboard with 28 keys
  • Silicon hard disk (flash disk)
  • Preset for standard pc keyboard
  • 2 serial ports rs-232
  • 2 USB port for memory stick
  • 1 ethernet port
  • 1 can open port
  • Fiber optic interface
  • Local area network