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» Privacy information
You are hereby informed that in pursuance of Italian Legislative Decree No. 196/2003, any personal or common details which you may provide by filling in this form, already acquired or which may be acquired during any dealings and as part of our activities, will be handled, also by means of using electronic and/or automated means, in observance of the afore-mentioned legislation and the confidentiality obligations for:

a) Purposes strictly linked to the provision of the requested services, therefore instrumental to the handling of the relationship with yourselves and purposes associated with legal obligations, regulations or EU legislation, as well as provisions imparted by authorities or supervisory and control bodies.

b) Purposes for which consent must be specifically expressed, such as those of a commercial, promotional or marketing nature via telephone communication or post and also with the aid of automated communication systems, SMS, e-mail, fax message; for the organization of events, conferences and seminars; for surveying the degree of your satisfaction by means of interview, personal or telephonic, disclosure or forwarding of on-line questionnaires and otherwise; in anonymous form for publications, for the drawing up of studies, statistics, market or scientific research.

The personal and common details may be communicated to parties extraneous to the Esautomotion S.p.A. in the capacity of "principal" or "party responsible" for the data handling, or in some cases to parties who operate completely independently as separate "principals" of the handling, it being understood however that the latter shall adopt criteria for the security and protection of the data in line with current legislation, for the same purposes and the same limits for which it has been gathered by the Esautomotion S.p.A..

The data subject to processing is not in any event disclosed, with the exception of those details which the party concerned voluntarily makes available in any communal areas of the website which can be accessed by the general public. Esautomotion S.p.A. invites the parties concerned not to supply their personal details in the communal areas of the website which can be accessed by the general public, reserving itself the right to cancel such data or make it anonymous if it should include sensitive details in accordance with the definition as per Article 4.1, letter d) of the Privacy Code. In conclusion, the data can be communicated and/or disclosed by virtue of provisions, laws or regulations.

You may access your details at any time requesting the origin, up-dating, adjustment, and integration thereof and, if applicable, the cancellation or blocking of the same, as well as exercise all the rights pursuant to Article 7 of Italian Legislative Decree No. 196/2003 vis-à-vis the data processing principal. In order to enforce these rights, the party concerned may send an e-mail to the address: The Principal for the handling of any data is Esautomotion S.p.A..

As regards personal and common data to be processed, in relation to the above privacy leaflet, by selecting “accept” below, I state having taken note of the procedures used to process data and express my authorisation for processing, including notification of the data being processed for the purposes indicated in sub-section a). I am also aware that unless such authorisation is given, Esautomotion S.p.A. will not be able to provide the requested services.

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By selecting "I agree" below, I express my authorisation to process, including the notification of the personal and common data to be processed for the purposes indicated in sub-section b) using the procedures indicated in the privacy leaflet.

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